Max is the co-founder of Flux and XO.1, two organisations created to democratise the world. Flux is a political party advocating a new form of democracy: Issue Based Direct Democracy; a system incentivising meaningful and productive engagement delivered via blockchain. XO.1 is a startup developing SecureVote - a decentralised governance solution geared towards governance for crypto-token ecosystems and general elections.

Max is passionate about improving the world through Fallibilism, Economics, and Science. He is a software developer and blockchain engineer. His educational background is in science, mathematics, and information systems, though his strong interests in economics, political philosophy, disruptive startups, and theory of knowledge provide a strong foundation across the board.

Max desires to use and build new technology to enable greater civic involvement, democratic potential, and personal empowerment. His utmost commitment is to the creation of new knowledge and new options. He believes that all moral truths flow from the moral imperative to protect of our methods of correcting mistakes. He prefers to use the oxford comma.


All content is on GitHub: https://github.com/xk-io/xk-io.github.io.


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