(Video) Neutral Voting Bloc Introduction

On July 2nd I livestreamed a presentation about the Neutral Voting Bloc hosted by the Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center.

Broadcast Nonstandard Txs Quickly [Bitcoin]

How to edit the Bitcoin Core source code to allow sending nonstandard transactions quickly.

The Senate Preference Hack

The Senate Preference Hack enables a political party to gain unfair representation in the federal Senate...

A first attempt to describe the neutral voting bloc.

I outline the neutral voting bloc and tell you about why it's awesome.

On Fair Compromise in Price Matching Engines

We show a fair compromise between two prices is the geometric mean of the two, not the arithmetic mean.


Microchains are developing proposal for generic merged mining.

A General Introduction to Marketcoin

Short less technical description of Marketcoin.

Efficient Reorgs on Cryptonets

Thoughts on how to reorganize a blockchain under certain non-bitcoin conditions.

How to Secure a Blockchain with Zero Energy

I outline the shortcomings of proof-of-stake-esq systems and some challenges they must overcome.

Introducing Factum Exchange

Following on from Factum Money, I extend this idea to currency exchange and examine the types of distributed exchanges that are possible.


A light-weight URL minifier.

Factum Money

I propose Bitcoin is a new type of money, which I dub Factum Money.