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really good stuff

  • 2015-ish - The Beginning of Infinity, David Deutsch (2011)

    • update 2018-06-12: best book ever written. incredibly consistent. breathtakingly profound.
    • tags: philosophy, epistemology, AI, quantum physics, morality, general science, memes, society, political philosophy, aesthetics, environmental philosophy
  • 2017-late - The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand (1943)

    • update 2018-06-12: deep book on the nature of integrity, relationships with others, the meaning and purpose of one's actions (in the service of oneself and in the service of greater ideas / greatness). i've thought about this book quite a bit over the last 6 months, not only is there more to learn, but it's a source of great ideas to build on (esp with harder questions re: integrity).
    • tags: integrity, society, purpose, importance of explanation, morality, immorality, socialism, secondhandedness

good stuff

  • 2019-01-17 - I started a github repo called 'awesome-notes' where I'm going to note things I want to link back to or make publicly accessibly easily.

  • 2018-06-12 - The $30,000 pocket dial, Louis Rossmann (2013)

    • it's important to go through these sorts of journeys. they butt up against reality, and you're forced to reconsider yourself and your ideas in search of improvement. searching for improvement, and the desire to do so, is important.
    • tags: relatable experience, integrity, business, responsibility, early adulthood
  • 2016-ish - Everyday Economics or How Does Trade Relate to Prosperity?, Marginal Revolution University (2016)

    • 30min course on fundamentals of economics and how it relates to society
    • tags: economics, specialisation & trade, opportunity cost, comparative advantage, prosperity

other stuff

  • - ask in job interview (as interviewee) how hard it is to buy a $50 book